WASS Treats 32 LGBTQ people to an amazing SPAC Experience

Whispering Angels of Saratoga Springs was fortunate enough to be able to treat 32 LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 people to a tasty dinner at El Mexicano Restaurant and a performance of the Philadephia Orchestra Saratoga Performing Arts Center on Saturday, August 10th.

Of these 32 guests there were lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and their straight allies attending. The ages ranged from 14 to 68 – the largest cluster were LBGTQ youth between 14 and 18. Most asked to not be photographed for fear that if their photos were seen they would be bullied at school. These LGBTQ youth live right here in The Capital Region and they want support and acceptance! This is why Whispering Angels of Saratoga Springs exists. WASS raises money and awareness for LGBTQ people who are at risk or homeless with the specific emphasis on LGBTQ youth.

Thank you Elizabeth Sobol and SPAC for donating the 32 tickets to see the movie UP along with The Philadephia Orchestra to The Pride Center and to GLSEN for bringing your guests to attend.

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