Whispering Angels of Saratoga Springs, is a not-for-profit foundation established to raise crucial funds and awareness for LGBTQ issues in our home towns of Saratoga County, the Southern Adirondacks, and the Greater NY Capital District with an initial focus on supporting under-served, at-risk and/or homeless LGBTQ youth.   

We hear all too often of the LGBTQ population and it’s vulnerable youth being rejected by their families when they reveal their sexual orientation or true gender.  In addition to the wrenching emotional trauma of this rejection, these LGBTQ youth are soon blind-sided by its physical realities: thrown out of family homes, stranded with no financial support, literally tossed out on the streets.

Homelessness is one of the most dire issues facing at-risk LGBTQ youth with a staggering 40% of homeless youth under 25 identifying as LGBTQ.  Whispering Angels of Saratoga Springs will raise funds to support local programs and organizations working with the vulnerable LGBTQ population and LGBTQ youth to address these issues as they arise by helping LGBTQs get back on their feet through funded LGBTQ programs that include therapy, support groups and social services outreach efforts.